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Senior Leadership
Dedicated to Safety

Bulk’s dedicated Safety Director and Head of Risk Management has decades of experience in this field, and ensures a comprehensive safety infrastructure throughout Bulk’s service footprint.

Established Training

We maintain robust safety and compliance programs, with mandatory orientation safety training, strict drug tests, active accident investigations and documentation policies in-line with Federal DoT guidelines.

Driver Support Initiatives

Every new Bulk driver undergoes formal driver training that includes mentorship by a master driver prior to driving a single mile as part of the Bulk team. We also host regularly scheduled driver activities to recognize and reward driver safety, all of which help to ingrain the culture of safety at Bulk.

Safety-Oriented Technology Initiatives

We utilize best-of-breed technology partners to provide real-time monitoring of our fleet and drivers, leveraging this data to respond and react to potential issues immediately and monitor safety KPIs on an ongoing basis.

Robust Insurance Program

Bulk maintains a robust insurance program that is designed specifically for the services we perform for our clients.